Monday, August 25, 2014

Made it North!

I've been up in Moose Jaw now for several days and it's been busy with everything family but we did find time to divide some fabric we'd ordered and I brought up with me in the van. We got an incredible deal on this fabric. Each piece of fabric is 6 yards long. My sister, a friend and I spent a couple of hours admiring and dividing the 34 different pieces of batik.
 It took awhile to get our system down on how to cut it into 3 fairly equal parts...
 Some fabrics were in a couple or even 3 pieces but it all equaled at least 6 yards.
 By the time we were done, we each had a nice pile of fabric.... Linda was heading over to her place to begin washing the fabric and figuring out what pattern to use for her first quilt. We hope to wash my sister's fabric today. Because this fabric is end of bolts, etc, we figured it would be better to prewash it all. I've got a couple of other projects along as well to work on the next week or so.
On Wednesday my youngest niece is flying in and then the wedding preparation will probably begin for earnest. There are lots of notes and lists and we're going to have to get everything together.

On a note to the TWs, the bottles are perfect and we're removing the last sticky stuff on the royal blue bottles that you were so generous to share for us to use for vases at the reception. We're also removing labels from the Cracker Barrel syrup b gone helps!

I know you're waiting for a picture of the new little bundle of joy. Anna's 2 weeks old now and just the sweetest little bundle. My sister is a proud first time Grandma and I am honorary Grandma! I have full rights to spoil any grandchildren my sister has!
I'm not weaving up here. I'd thought about bringing a rigid heddle loom or somehow bringing a wolf pup up here but, really, we're busy doing family stuff plus I did bring a big rubbermaid full of handwovens to finish so I am doing production, just not weaving. I crochet around my handwoven pieces and I brought a bunch of vests to work on.
By the way, the low last night was 44 degrees. I think the high was 47. It rained and was blustery all day. It reminded me of our winters....and their early falls. By Wednesday it's supposed to be 89 degrees but alot of people turned their heat on yesterday. I'm glad I brought socks and some long sleeved tops and jeans. You never know about weather up here. It bounces around some each year..
Until next week, keep weaving! I'll be enjoying family.


LA said...

Sounds like you have a lot of projects planned, and LOTS of family time, too! Enjoy!!!!

Bonnie said...

That is beautiful fabric. You know I love wild colors.
What a beautiful baby. Have fun.