Thursday, August 28, 2014


In the early '90's, I read a magazine review about a new time travel novel....they classified it as science fiction.  I LOVE time travel books, and went by the library to check it out.  That was the start of my journey with Outlander.
  By the time I went to Scotland in 1995, there were two more books in the series.  I just recently finished the newest installment.  That makes me a loyal reader for over 20 years!
  I was so enthralled with the saga of Jamie and Claire, that our time in the Highlands included Culloden (this is me at the Fraser marker,) Fort William and Loch Ness.  (Just a note:  I became a big fan of Pubs, too!  You gotta love a place that has great food, great brews and the folks bring their dogs, too!)

  Now, the Outlander series has started on Starz, and I'm in love all over again!

  The attention to detail is amazing!  The theme song is the Skye Boat Song, which probably originated around 1746.  How perfect is that?

  The internet is all abuzz over the cowl that Claire wears in several of the scenes, and I fell in love with the shrug that Claire wore in the second episode.  In fact, all of the costuming is exceptional.

The men are easy on the eye, too. 

  I knew I could crochet the cowl....I've already done a few of those.  And, the shrug is just a rectangle.......I can WEAVE a rectangle!!!!

Using the Pup raddle and my 16" rigid heddle loom, I got the warp on in less than an hour.  Since this is a sample warp, I made it 80" long.  I used some Caron's Simply Soft yarn.

And, this is how the weaving looks!  It's ready to cut off the loom and finish.  I'll probably crochet an edging around the opening and the sleeves.  I've got my fingers crossed that it all works!

  We are going to do a Rigid Heddle project at Weaving on Tuesday, so all projects have to be finished!!!  This will be fun.

Enjoy your holiday weekend!


Theresa said...

Crap, we don't get Starz in our package, but I am sure it will hit Netflixs at some point. LOVE the weaving and thank you for the review.
Have you tried Susanna Kearsley? Her novels all deal with time travel too. The Winter Sea is one of my favorites of hers

Bonnie said...

That will be so gorgeous. Can't wait to see it finished.

Sherry aka Celtic Dream Weaver said...

I am a friend of Erin Holloway. I call her my adopted sister. I was at Erin's in early September. Anyhow I am a big fan of Outland and have been since her very first book "Outlander" came out. I was also on the field of Culloden and took a picture of the little house. I actually had my book "Outlander" with me reading it then for the third time. Anyhow...I can't get Starz so I will have wait and watch it if it ever becomes available at some other venue on cable or Netflex or Amazon. You are also lucky to have Louise come to your neck of the woods so often. I will be taking Honiton Lace during Columbus weekend with Holly VanSciver.