Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Spinning Round
  Ann got to be with us today, and she brought the lovely mohair bocule she brought while on vacation.  The ball winder and swift are handy tools to have....right, Margi????
  (Charlotte:  look, listen & learn!)

Helping Hands

  It's always nice to have an extra set of hands!  Carol helped Pat wind the shuttle of wool yarn.

Great Minds

  Marie took home the pieces of the Mason Reel to see if she cold figure it out.....of course she did!!!!  Between Tina and Marie, it looks like we might be using it soon!

How Many Were There?

  When the beater bar starts hitting the mats on the cloth beam, it must be time to cut off some mats!  Sharon learned the "stick trick" and  took off  ten placemats and two table runners.

Tying One On

  Yes, that's what we kept hearing from the ladies on the back row.  We'll have to fine out more about that later.  I'm sure there's a story..............


 Betsy is winding this warp....don't you just love these colors?  We'll have to wait to find out what this will be.

Carl got the new warp sleyed, threaded and tied on to the back bar.  Next week we'll wind that onto the warp beam.

Is that your tuffet?

Tina needed to sit just a wee bit higher on the bench....this cushion should just fit the bill.

And, take a look at this beautiful poncho Tina wove using her handspun wool! 


  Ms. Ila has been busy at home, too.  She tried her hand at crammed and spaced scarves.  These are hand dyed warps using rayon crinkle.

Everywhere you look in the studio, there's always activity (of one kind or another!) 
Happy Weaving!

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Theresa said...

Always some wonderful things going on. Love that boucle BTW. Thank you for another Tuesday update.