Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Few--The Mighty!


They always get right to it every Tuesday...pulling out the looms that have been stored in the aisles out of the way.  But, there's always time to catch up before they get to work.

In fact, Ms. Ila cut off her scarf warp today.  There were five scarves wound up on the beam.   These are hand dyed bamboo.

  Later in the day, Bonnie got a chance to check some different weave structures in Dixon's book.

   Pat made a new apron for the Rocker Beater loom, but left the staple gun at home (along with her lunch!)  As usual, Marie came to the rescue with her air pressure staple gun!  WOW!!!!  That's a handy tool!   (She also used it to staple new cords on the Macomber!)

  Then it was time to wind the new warp onto Carl's Barn Loom.  With Carl and Pat combing the ends, and Karin helping the threads through the heddles, we got this 14 yard warp on pretty quickly.

  Betsy stayed late last week winding that colorful warp, but she got right to work this week on her towel warp. 

    Linda is using blue gingham for weft in her newest rug.  It looks great under that warp.

  Margi just keeps on weaving!!!

   Take a look at Eiko's baby bibs!  Aren't they wonderful?

  Charlotte is going to be ready for Carol's return:  she's getting a little tired of weaving just mug rugs!!!!  Oh, Charlotte....your journey is just beginning !!!

You'll note Lanny's warp on the board against the wall....he came, he wound, he left.  Linda B. was with us today, too.  I don't know how I missed getting her in a picture!
  There's always next week!!!!
Happy Weaving!


Theresa said...

Might BUSY! Great run down of the day.

Maggie said...

It makes Lanny sound like a General. Next week, he'll conquer!

Tina J said...

Great work! I will join you next week!