Tuesday, February 5, 2013

It's All About Cooperation!

  Or...we could call this "With A Little Help From Our Friends."    One of the best parts about being a Tuesday Weaver is that it is all a group effort....even down to the little stuff!   The rocker loom was ready for a new warp, and here's the group helping to get it wound on the back beam.  OK....so they are sitting on the job....but, whatever works, right?

  On the back beam, Lanny and Allan were turning the beam and adding the sticks between the layers.

"It takes a village........"

  Allan and Lanny also helped Maggie get her reed in the beater bar, and it get it tightened up so she could sley the reed.

  Yes....all the threading is done, and Maggie got started on the reed this afternoon!!!!

   Barbara and Shirley are working together to get the towel warp on the Baby Wolf.  The reed is threaded, now just get those heddles threaded!

****Notice Tina on the warping mill....30 yard bouts to use on another towel warp!!!!

***Eiko is working on an overshot scarf!

  Carl had joined all the blue jean legs into a long tube, and he brought the length to cut this morning.  The rag cutter does NOT like 2 layers of denim, so I cut the joint apart after Carl fed it through the cutter.  Pat was on hand to keep it all feeding through to Carl.

  Trudy took over the rag cutter then, and cut strips for Carol and,  later, strips for Linda's warp. 

   More threading was going on with Andy's loom.  It's time to wind that baby on now!

  Marie was ready for something a little different for weft on the Herald loom.  You can see the blue runner making the turn on the cloth beam, and the red mats are great with this warp, too.

  Linda brought her custom made raddle to show us today.  It took some explaining, but her husband got it just right!  This raddle fits exactly in the groove in the beater.....isn't that smart!!!!!

  And, Pat brought some more of her pretties to show us....she sure has been busy!

This is the parting shot of lunch at the Center today.  We sure had a full house!!!  Next week we are having a Potluck Lunch to welcome the new Center director:  Welcome Katie!

Happy Weaving!


Maggie said...

That first picture is the best!

Anonymous said...

So thankful for weaving friends and all of their support.

Theresa said...

Just like a busy little bee hive! So I'm guessing most everyone warps from front to back unless working on a loom with a sectional beam. I really must give that method a try sometime.

LA said...

Theresa...actually a lot of us are "back to fronters" which is how Carol teaches beginning weaving. The Center is a great place to see both methods in use.

mtn. mama said...

What a great example of age old, I didn't say old age, cooperation. Beautiful! So "remindful" to me of my grandma & grandpa & their Mountain Guild couples doing similar at 7,000+ feet in the Rockies between Lyons and Allenspark on the way to Estes Park. My favorite and most cherished memories reside there!