Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It's Always Sunny.....

....inside the Center.  Outside it was a little gray and drippy!
  It was a smaller group today, which happens sometimes.  But, as usual, we all got busy just doing what we do best.  We really missed Carl today, but we are so delighted that he's out of the hospital and getting stronger in his own place.  I'm not sure he needs any weavers' germs right now, anyway.
  Linda brought her sweet little loom today...isn't that a beauty?  It actually has 8 shafts, although she's only got 4 in place right now.

And, Allan brought the table runner that he just finished weaving for Sharon at home.  This was his first time weaving Swedish lace, and he did a wonderful job!  He thought the selvedges needed some work, but we thought they were beautiful.

Teresa was back with us today...sporting a new piece of jewelry!  Congratulations!!!!

  Just look at that big smile!
Betsy cut off her first warp today, and got a good look at her first pieces.  It's always such a big thrill to cut your first warp!

  Tina was back to winding on bouts for the towel warp.  Now that the extra white cones have arrived, she'll be able to wind the rest of the yarn for that loom.
  Pat worked on the black warp...there's still plenty there!

  Roz got busy winding a warp, while Ms. Ila and Eiko were weaving on their scarves.

It wasn't long until Ms. Ila got to the end of her warp, and cut off the three scarves that she had woven.

Linda and Marie chatted while they wove on the place mat warps.  We'll have some great choices for the shop upstairs.

Judy was able to be with the group today, and got right to work on the white warp.

  Yes, some uh-ohs.  Pat needed some off-bench time, and went to work on Andy's tangle from last week.

  And, while Bonnie was winding her new warp, the dowel came lose!  With Carol's help, they got everything back on track!!!

  And here is my uh-oh:  36 dents lefts, but 56 threads to sley.  BIG uh-oh!!!!
  I guess I'll be doing a little math this week!  I'll need to figure out where to double up some of the threads in the dents.  We don't have any longer reeds!!!

A bright spot in our day...visitors.  Charlie and Angela were visiting the Center from Kingston, which isn't that far away from Norris.  Angela taught herself to weave on a table loom, and she has been looking for other weavers to talk to...I think she lucked up today.
  So....what DO you call a group of weavers????

Happy Weaving!


Bonnie said...

I think that the warping board needs some help. I have NEVER had such trouble winding a warp. I was ready to pull off and put in the trash. Thanks to Carol for her help.

Anonymous said...

That warping board's been a problem since 1980!!! I vote for us to replace it with a sturdier one....might need to see about having one made for us, right?!

Maggie said...

A newly made-for-us warping board? That sounds nice!

Theresa said...

Multiple weaver's? How about a bout of weavers, or a bundle of weaver's or a knot of weavers? Looks like a another wonderful day and so glad Carl is on the mend. Now do we get to see that new piece of jewelry?