Sunday, February 17, 2013

Got Rugs!

I know, I'm supposed to post on Monday. It's almost there, after 10pm Sunday evening and I just realized that tomorrow is full. I won't have time to get on the computer all day. So, since no one else posts on Sunday (which was my original day to post), I thought I'd go ahead and post now so I don't forget to do it at all, especially since I actually had 3 days to work in the studio this past week!!
I wove rugs. It wasn't a very long warp, only about 11 yards long and I got 6 rugs out of it.
The ends are serged but not hemmed yet. I don't usually do fringe.
Love this earth toney rug. The green and purple really set it off.
 The second rug I added the blue. What a difference just one color makes! These loopers are fun to work with. They came to me already in the colors they are. The majority of the loopers are bright, cheerful colors but some of them are more subdued so I put a warp on that accented those colors.
 I just wove 2 rugs with the loopers. The rest were woven using the edges, waste from the production of afghans, as I understand it.
The job's a bit messy especially when you pull out a bag of several colors and then try to find the ends and divide it in half so part can be on the top of the rug and the rest on the bottom but it's great fun to put colors together.
 You never know how the colors will look like next to each other until you try it.
 The rugs are mostly close to 50 inches long plus hem.
 Adding a touch of color inbetween is a nice "surprise"!
 I'll turn the hem up and pin it carefully so that I can just pick up the rug and carry it to the sewing machine to sew.
 Nice earth tones in this one. These  rugs are heavy too. They feel great on your feet when you walk on them!

  I had just a bit of warp left over, so wove a short rug that was about 30 inches long, maybe a bit less. Someone always wants a short rug and here it is, perfect for by a shower or something...

 One warp down, another on the loom. As you can tell, this one will be cheerful, bright even, and alot longer. My warping board does over 19 yards and this one is close to the limit. It's cheerful with yellow, magenta, purple, royal and green colors in it. I'm looking forward to getting to weave on it on Wednesday!
 The first few rugs will be woven with these loopers.
 I've got a rubbermaid full of already chained sections, ready for weaving. I spent an hour or two just chaining loopers. I got some DVDs for Christmas and I've slowly started to watch them. While chaining them I was watching the beginning of Season 2 of Magnum PI. There were a couple of bonus episodes on the first disc. The first show was from the A Team and the other from Knight Rider. Boy, that takes me back! Kind of low key shows to watch while throwing the shuttle!
I've got 2 more weeks where I can just weave rugs or placemats, whatever I want before I get back to production. The yarn order has been sent and my looms are slowly being filled with projects. I know that if I was weaving rugs all the time, it'd get really old, fast. However, by blocking out a month or so each year to do it, it stays fun. I don't know if I'll keep weaving loopers because  I do have a nice stash of fabric that needs cutting, but by varying what I do, I sure can't get bored!
Here's hoping the new warp is finished by Friday and I have to wind another one. Until next week, keep weaving , stay warm and have fun!


LA said...

Well, it sure looks like you're having some fun! I can't believe all the rugs you have wove! Good for you!

Theresa said...

A mighty stack of rugs you've woven! Love the looper ones but couldn't help laughing at the short one. I have a few towels that are like that too and probably not half as useful!

Bonnie said...

Love the rugs.

Tina J said...


Maggie said...

The first rug pictured looks a lot like the one I got from Tina in a challenge exchange, with the green, purple, red and brown.

Roxie said...

Love your rugs and love your enthusiasm!