Monday, February 11, 2013

A Little at a Time

As expected, my week didn't allow for much weaving but I got one rug completely woven and have loopers chained for the next one. This warp is kind of subdued, more earth tone  yarns used. I'm finishing up the more subdued loopers that  I have and will finish the warp then with other rug fillers. 
 Once this warp is off, I"m excited about putting on a cheerful warp, bright colors, and use up the rest of the loopers that I have.
I'm still working out my yarn order for spring. What colors do I want to weave with this spring? There's always alot of black used. In fact, I have sold my black jackets from last fall so need to replace them. I'll weave some reds, I know that. The end of year inventory is still going on. I don't use my computer for that. I have inventory cards that I use and each year about this time I mark the ones I've sold over the year and make new copies of the cards for this year. It is amazing how many things get sold each year that I"ve made.

So bit by bit, things get done in spite of all the other distractions and work that I have to do some weeks. This week was a great example where I only had 2 days in the studio. Someone wrote that if they spent just 20 minutes at the sewing machine each day they'd get some work done over time. Well, I've been wanting to work on more baby quilts and  I had a rubbermaid full of already cut 5 inch squares so Saturday evening I eeked out time to pull that out and figure out 3 baby quilt tops. At least the squares are figured out. I"ll have to rummage around my stash to see about sashing for each of them but I've got a fair amount of flannel. I plan 7 squares across and 9 down. I use paper and pencil to mark how I want the top to look, which squares to put next to each other and then gather each row up pinning a number on the top of each row. I've done this enough so I don't worry about getting the row mixed up while I sew. I do have a system down!

Hopefully this week I"ll find 20 minutes to go sew all the strips together into the rectangles for the blankets. Then another bit of time to find the sashing, etc! 
This week looks like I may have almost 3 days in the studio. 
Rug warp, here I come........on Wednesday!!
Until next week, keep weaving!

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Bonnie said...

I like the rug. Glad you found time to work on the quilt.