Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Welcome Katie!!!

  Welcome to our world....and, YES, we are a large, noisy, busy group!
  Our new Center administrator, Katie Aloi,  joined us for a potluck lunch today, and it was a pretty typical day for her to observe.  We had lots going on in every corner of the room.

Just take a look:

Margi is working on her first warp.
Ms. Ila is just weaving away on her scarf.
Tina is winding 30 yard bouts for the towel warp.

Eiko has gotten a handle on her overshot scarf.

Teresa is cutting off her warp.  (I guess that means she'll be winding a new one!)

Wait just a minute!  How can Pat be in two places at one time?  Well....you weave awhile, and you help cut strips awhile.  Would that be multitasking????
Allen finds that it's more comfortable standing to weave on the Studio Loom.

Betsy was hard at work on her first warp.

  And, look who is already busy winding a new warp!!!!

  Bonnie isn't sure what will go on her loom just yet.....but, in the meantime, she got a look at the new Blackberry Farm cookbook.  (This is the one that Maggie worked on!!!)  Every time I see pickled okra, I think of Maggie!  This copy belongs to Judy....thank you for bringing it for us to see today!

Marie was weaving away on the place mat warp while Tina wound on the newest bout of yarn. 

  If you look carefully, you can see Andy working away on her loom back near Carl.  He's behind the beam on the barn loom.

  Cindy was back and ready to work on the towel warp again.  Thanks to Barbara and Shirley, it was all threaded and ready to tie on.  After lunch, a bunch of us helped her wind it on the back beam.

And, speaking of lunch...


  Then, it was back to work.

Teresa and Carol got busy winding on the new warp while Shirley spent quality time at the warping board.  I wish I had gotten a picture of the beautiful colors she was using!!!!  I can't wait to see what she does with this warp.

  Also, after lunch, we got a donation of more books and equipment, as well as some wool yarn and batts. 

Pat got busy adding the books to our library.

Just another day with the Tuesday Weavers....but, we don't do potluck every Tuesday.  (hummmmm.....maybe we should??)

In the meantime,
Happy Weaving!!!

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Bonnie said...

Sorry that I missed the afternoon festivities. I don't think that I could have lasted.