Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Serene Silence

 As some of you know, I work with a big bunch of 20-30 year old boys/men.  They are noisy and raucous and uncouth.  They listen to awful music on their iphones, out loud, while they brag about how drunk they've just been or are about to be.
  This can wear on an older person's nerves, especially when one is trying to get ready for service on a busy night.  All I could think on Sunday night was, "Please shut up!"  I only said it out loud once, and to no effect, but I kept thinking it.
  I also kept thinking about the wonderful Monday I was going to have, in the peace and quiet of Chez Davidson, with no post-teenage drama or stupidity.  I made it home safely, oblivious of the outcome of the Super Bowl but cautious in my driving to avoid football fans leaving parties.
  Safe and sound-less, I slept in, until I realized that this was MY day!  My day of serenity and tranquility, just me, the cats, Bella and my new loom, LouElla.  LouElla has been languishing in the dining room, without her top beams connected, mostly because I was unsure of how they went together, and if I could do it myself.
  I laid her down on her front and put the beams on, screwing them in tightly.  I rearranged the living room furniture to fit her in the corner by the fireplace and set her upright.  She looks lovely there, doesn't she?  I'm not sure what chair will be best yet, and I have a small technical problem to fix before we can start our first tapestry together.  When I was pulling her out of the car, I broke a piece of wood that now looks vital.  The chunk that's lighter that the rest of itself turns out to be a piece that should hold in a screw that makes the crank advance the warp.  I told Allan about it yesterday, and he said that if I can get it off the loom, he can duplicate it.  I'll do that when I return to the Center in two weeks, but I'm going to try to make do without it.
  Yesterday, I ordered cotton seine warp for LouElla, and ordered some two-ply tapestry yarn that is undyed.  I bought a starter kit of Dharma acid dyes to dye my own yarn, and am really excited to give that a try.  I hope the weather is nice next week on my days off!  Because the doors and windows will be open, and I will be making colored wool for my first tapestry!
I ended the day with some fresh, hot bread that filled the house with yeasty, hot goodness, and made my dinner fine.
  I have at least one more week before my foot is well enough to weave, which just means more knitting in my spare time.  I've run out of time this morning, so I will just wish you Happy Weaving!



Fran said...

Oh, my gosh! I would love that tapestry loom. Have you seen the DVD about Sylvia Heyden? Her tapestries are ethereal.

Fran in Calgary

LA said...

What would we do without Allan??? LouElla will be up and running just in time for you to start a new project! How fun!