Monday, April 9, 2018

Three more

I know, it's getting a bit old but, I'm still making a few baby quilts. The pile of fabric seems to be growing instead of getting smaller!! Each quilt is different and that's half the fun. I do have sort of a formula for making them. I like 3 blocks wide and 4 blocks long. That is, if they're about 10" square. That varies, too.
This one had 2 strips between the blocks. The strips are an inch wide plus seam allowance so I cut them 1 1/2 inches wide. 
This is the main part of the quilt. Due to circumstances, I had to drape it kind of over a recliner and keep the cats away to take the pictures! This one is being shipped to California today. My cousin is going to be a first time grandmother. She lives in Saskatoon. Her son and his wife live in California. What's really cool is that I just wrote to ask if she wanted me to ship it to them or bring it in summer. She said they were flying to see the kids on Saturday so I quickly finished it and will get it in the mail today. Their son is due in June. I hope the baby likes it!!
This one is up for grabs when I hear of another baby coming along. Using 5" squares for the 4 patches was rather fun.
So, I have another one pinned plus I've been working on a throw or lap quilt that isn't bear fabric for a change. However, when I get a chance, I have been playing with all the scraps of left over pieces. Some are an inch, some a couple of inches and up to 40 inches long. Now, that's going to be a wild quilt. I'm not sure I'll have a chance to work on it this week, but we'll see.
Still no weaving going on but I have a chance this morning to go through all my yarns and figure out several projects for when I can get back to it. I am chomping at the bit, so to speak, but have to have patience for now. I'm just glad that I have other hobbies to fall back on when I can't do what I really want to be doing. The thought of doing nothing is mind boggling scary! So I surround myself with options. 
On a side, sad note. My sister used to live near Humboldt Saskatchewan. When I visited her in summer, we went shopping there. Humboldt is a small town, a close town where most everyone knows everyone. The bus wreck Friday evening was absolutely devastating for the whole town. More than that, the hockey team was special. The kids on the team were working toward playing for the NHL and apparently this team was very good at getting the kids ready for that. So, a good number of players were from out of province, from Manitoba and Alberta as well. These are 16 to 21 year old young men who were then billeted with local families. One local family had three young men staying with them. None of the three survived. The more we hear, the sadder it is. Last night on the news we heard that our local hockey team, here in Knoxville, was collecting money from their players to send up there to help. Funeral expenses and rehab for survivors will be expensive. One young man has a broken back and may never walk again. It just all makes you think. 
The small issues we all have seem like nothing when you hear of families that are so devastated.
Until next week, keep weaving!

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LA said...

How special for those kids to have these quilts!!!