Thursday, April 19, 2018

Blue Sheep????

Sheep Shearing April 28, 2017
  It's Sheep Shearing time at the Museum of Appalachia!  Tina blogged about it last Friday....neither one of us took any pictures, though.  We'll be back at it again tomorrow, and I'm sure Tina will take some pictures for her blog.  We had over 20 school buses full of kids last week, and they are expecting around the same for tomorrow.  Saturday is Family Day, so there's no way to predict how many folks will come out to the Museum.  A lot will depend on the weather, I'm sure.

  I had warped the tape loom with a two yard blue and white wool warp for this event.  This wool was a commercially spun, and wove up rather quickly.  Plus, I've gotten a lot more comfortable weaving on this loom!
  The wind blew like crazy last was so strong that it blew a whole fleece off the table!  Karin and I had a time keeping the display items on the table from blowing away...we were constantly putting them back in place.
  Tina skirted the fleece, and washed a bucket of the dirty wool.  She also carded some clean wool from last year and spun on her wee great wheel.  As they came around the table, Karin was also spinning on her wheel while I was weaving.  The students picked up on the fact that the wool was different colors...from white to brown and even some darker wool.
  And then, there was the kid that said, "Are there blue sheep, too?"

  OK.....tomorrow....only natural colored wool on the tape loom!!!!  This looks gray in the picture, but it's actually brown.  And, since it is handspun, it tends to want to stick.  This is a four yard warp, which should get me through Saturday afternoon!!!

  Think warm thoughts for us tomorrow....the low in the morning is the upper 30's.  Brrrrrrrrrr.....

Happy Weaving!

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Theresa said...

Stay warm no matter what color sheep you're all working with!