Friday, April 20, 2018

Sheep Shearing Day #2

LouAnn posted photos yesterday of us setting up the booth for Sheep Shearing day at the Museum of Appalachia.  Today I get to show you how the tables look with the display items in place!

Here is the table I use to showcase some of the clean fleeces from past years.  You can see the table on the far left is set up to receive the first dirty fleece straight off of the sheep.

This week I moved my wee great wheel and clock reel to be between the dirty fleece table, (which was still empty) and the clean fleece table.

On the other side of the booth are the tables for the finished pieces of clothing or rugs that we have made with wool, so that the public can see just how handy wool can be.

LouAnn's tape loom got a good workout today!

Here is one of my fleece rugs and a sample of what purple wool fabric looks like before and after washing.

The dirty fleece table was still without a fleece for a long time!!!!!  We have come up with a solution for tomorrow though.  We kept a fleece back from todays clip that we will unveil as soon as we get there in the morning and we will be ready right away to demonstrate the process from the very beginning of skirting and washing, all the way through combing, carding and spinning yarn to finished  woven or knitted products.

It was cold and breezy today, but the public were real troupers, and I came home with more fleeces to wash, Karin is going to take the fleeces from tomorrows clip.

You can't have too many fleeces....

Until next time, Happy Fleece Washing, Tina

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LA said...

Lots of folks asking lots of good questions! It was a lovely day for sheep shearing (although I wish it had been a wee bit warmer!)