Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Dear Carol,

Dear Carol,
  Please rest assured that while you are healing at home, we, the Tuesday Weavers, are doing our part to insure that more handwoven items will be available to those folks who need them!  We continue to weave quality items in a happy atmosphere....just like you taught us!

  The new floor plan is working very well, and Liz is especially happy to be with the Ladies on the back row.  I'm not sure what is going on with Sharon....she seems to think that she would miss something going on in the kitchen.  Peggy got her warp tied on with Marie's help.  Ms. Ila finished the first shawl, and is ready to start on the second one.  The black weft is really working with that warp.

   Carl and Linda are holding down their corner of the Studio, too.  Linda finished one towel, and is ready to start another one.  Carl is using some of that roll of printed denim for this rug.  He's thinking about mixing it up with some denim blue jean strips.  I think he's mulling over his options.

 In preparation for our discussion on Chapter 4 of the Mary Black book, Tina wound a short warp for demonstration.  Since the Ashford loom was handy, she just popped it right on the loom.


   In addition to Tina's demonstration, Betsy brought us a great sample of a "laid-in" technique.  Her grandparents had bought napkins and tablecloths that were woven with laid in motifs when they visited China back in the early 1900's. 
  Truthfully, I don't think you're going to see many examples of finger manipulated weaving from our group.....just saying.

  And, you'll be glad to know that Jocelyn was able to keep our energy level up with some oatmeal cookies (that were sooooooooo yummy!!!!!)  So sorry you missed this!
  Liz brought some smoked Gouda cheese and crackers to counterbalance the sweet stuff.  Good idea, don't you think?
  Thank you Jocelyn and Liz!!!!!

See.....we're being productive!
  Be patient....follow your doctor's orders!!!!  (You can get started reading Chapter 5 in the Key To Weaving....it's about Twills!!!!)
Get well soon!!!!!


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Theresa said...

A speedy recovery Carol! And that back row of ladies and looms is a great pic. As always, reading about the Tuesday adventures puts a smile on my face.