Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Circle The Wagons! It's Spring Cleaning!!!!

  It looked like an ordinary day.
The weavers came in and pulled out their looms and started weaving. 

  There was a lot of discussion going on about things that needed to get done.  Bags of cloth and yarn had migrated under looms, along with several bags of blue jeans that need to be worked.  You know....the usual stuff!!!

The consensus was that we needed to reconfigure the loom placements....in other words....some looms were going to get MOVED!!!

  The plan was that the "stationary looms" would get put on the perimeter with their warp beam to the middle. Winding on warps will be easier this way.
  As looms were moved out of the way, Bonnie vacuumed the empty, linty space.

  It was a group effort!!!!

Jocelyn was quickly in place and back to weaving.


  Did Bonnie move that Macomber by herself?????


The looms that fold up are put in the middle at the end of the day, along with the looms on stands.  Everything is out of the way for the week ahead.

Oh, yes...I forgot to show you Marie's summer and winter baby blankets!!!!
 Sharon finished winding her ball of weft from the skein of dyed bamboo.

  A very Happy Birthday to Frieda!!!  

  We sure got a lot done today....and everything looks so much nicer.  We'll have a new warp going on the Gilmore next week, and now we'll have room to work.  Also, Ray will be able to get to the back of his loom for threading!
  Great idea, ladies!!!!!

Happy Weaving!


Theresa said...

What a good idea and I bet it makes it easier to talk to one another too! Oh yum! BROWNIES!!!!

Tina J said...

What a wild and crazy day! I was in the annex a couple of times putting things in and taking things out. It sure looks better now!