Thursday, April 26, 2018

80% Chance


  You know how it is with those "best laid plans"....right???? 

  I have always wanted to try Deborah Chandler's "hybrid method" of warping a loom.  This method would be great to use at the Museum, I thought, since I wouldn't have to take a raddle or lease sticks.  This was my thinking on Wednesday, when there was only a 60% chance of rain here in this area.  So, I gathered up my 6 dent reed (for rough sleying) and my warp....and I thought I was ready to head to the Museum.
  My alarm system starting acting up, and I ended up on the phone with the company for an hour.  In the end, they had to schedule me for a service tech on Thursday morning. 

  Sure enough, the tech was here at 8:00 this morning...and for two hours, I was punching in code on the panel to stop that annoying little beep.  But, now the system is on a wireless phone that doesn't require my house phone to be in service.  All in all, this turned out to be a good thing.
     Now, back to the Museum warp:  I used my time to reread the "hybrid method" and walk myself through the process.  And, it hit was I going to move the reed behind the heddles????  AND, this method would require me to leave that reed at the Museum (since I would not have time to get the heddles threaded.) 
  So, back to the tried and true (I'm a back to front warper.)  I have loaded up the crate with the raddle, lease sticks and sticks for the warp beam. 
   The forecast for today was 80% rain with a high of 58 degrees.  Needless to say, the warp didn't go on the loom today, either!  It can wait.  Tomorrow is another fact, I'll be there in the morning for a school group....and only a 10% chance of rain for tomorrow!!!!!

  An update on Sheep Shearing Day at the Museum.  Karin took over the carding, combing and spinning duties on Saturday.  She did a really fantastic job.
  We had nice weather and lots of great questions.

I hope it's sunny where you are!
Happy Weaving!

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