Monday, April 2, 2018

Set Up

Last evening I met Lynda at The Art Market Gallery and we set up our wall for the month of April. The gallery is a co-op that's been active for over 35 years. I've been a member since shortly after it began. The feature wall changes each month. We can sign up for a month every year or so. I don't sign up unless I have something new. So it's been awhile since I was featured. Having the idea to make bags with my rejected curtain panels, I signed up for April and then I had to get going and make them!! That's one of the reasons I haven't been weaving much this year.
Lynda is an awesome artist. I think she's still a flower child, free spirited, enthusiastic and fun to be around. Setting up was a hoot. Her panels are big and deciding which ones to use worked well especially with my small things. Having my mannequins on the side did squeeze her a bit but not much. These were the ones she wanted to show.
The mannequins dressed in my jackets show off the handbags quite nicely.
The jacket is navy which is hard to photograph but the bag just pops next to it.
The straps for the bags are also carpet warp. I used my incredible rope machine to make them. I'm just glad that it comes in so many colors that I was able to blend colors to make it all work.
Some of the bags are darker. The dye isn't always perfect and I like that effect.
The purple bag needs a home with someone who loves red.  In dyeing them, I tried to think of all the possible colors because these are it. Once all the bags are sold, there will be no more. I've dyed all the fabric. There are 30 bags done and I re dyed about 10 so that means there will be about 40 bags altogether. Limited edition!! Ha! 
 Waterfalls in the Smokeys. 
It's hard to take pictures that do it justice with the lights, etc.
One more view.
This Friday there's a reception at the gallery from 5 til 9. What's funny is that I'm in charge of the kitchen and Lynda is pouring wine half the time. We sign up for duties like that before we sign up for featured artist so we're dividing our time! Not a bad thing. I hate just standing around, having a job to do is fine!
The show is up til the 29th. If you get a chance, come see the gallery. Every month the featured artist wall changes but also the whole gallery. There's a committee that comes in the Monday before the first Friday and takes every picture down from the walls and also the 3D things. They then rearrange it all. Not too shabby!!  The gallery is in downtown Knoxville. Part of being a member also means I work the gallery once a month. It can be a lot of fun!
So that's the latest here. I'm heading back to the studio now.
So, keep weaving!


Theresa said...

Lovely displays! It would be so nice to have Lynda's full name and info if available for those of us far away who would like to look at more of her work.
Many thanks and good selling Carol!

LA said...

I love the display! It's been awhile since I have come for First Friday, but I'm really tempted to do it again!!! What fun!