Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Spring In The Studio

    It was a hive of activity in the Studio this morning from the get-go.  The old table looms were pulled off the shelf and evaluated.  The Tuesday Weavers received a grant to replace the old table looms that are not reliable with newer, lighter table looms for teaching.  We are well over due for the upgrade!
  Polly and Linda were hard at work checking out each loom.

  What a morning to start weaving!!!!
A big welcome to Peggy, our newest Tuesday Weaver!  Peggy is a member of the Cricket Club at the Clinch River Yarn Company, which is where she heard about our little group.  She's ready to step up to weaving on more than two shafts!!!
  Carol got her to work winding her first warp.


  Over in the corner, Irene was busy on the sewing machine while Pat threaded her Wall of Troy warp for soup cozies.

  This is a look of intense concentration!!!!  Levers up....levers down......Frieda is really good at working on the eight harness table loom.

  It's fun to watch the shawl warps move from one color area to another.  Jocelyn does such a beautiful job weaving on this warp.

   Although Anna is getting ready to leave for a trip abroad, she was at the Center today weaving on her scarf warp.  Now, that's dedication!!!!

  Marie was on desk duty upstairs this morning.  But, the weavers kept sneaking upstairs to visit with her!!!
  We had several visitors come downstairs, too.  In fact, one lady had bought a set of placemats that I wove!!!!

  The lights went out after lunch, but these hardy weavers just kept on weaving!!!!  They were out for about 30 minutes!!!
(We never heard what had happened that caused the lack of electricity!)

Since Shirley's loom was near the door, she had plenty of light as she and Bonnie wound on that springtime warp!

Sharon finished hemstitching, and started weaving her next scarf.

Linda's towel warp tends to make your eyes go cross-eyed!!!  (Don't tell her I said that, though!)

  The shawl warp on Ms. Ila's loom moves from one color to the next.  Purple is the next color up....it's hiding on the heddles right now.  We'll check back next week.

  Betsy finished this  placemat and will be starting another.

  It was time to advance the warp...that means you get to move that big warp beam and readjust the broom handle!  Carl knows this loom so well!

  Yes....that's Peggy in the back right.  She and Carol were winding on her warp.  Peggy started threading this afternoon!  Not too shabby for your first day!

  Helen just continues to weave away on her project!!!

What a great way to spend this lovely day!

Happy Weaving!



Theresa said...

I am always smiling when I read your Tuesday posts! What kind of table loom will you guys get? I've heard the Leclerc Voyageur looms are nice as are the Ashford. Oh and the Louet Jane's are pretty darn nice too. I've used one of those myself.
Have fun shopping!

Rebecca Neef said...

I was just wondering what kind you're going to replace them with, as well! I have an 8-shaft Ashford table loom, the new Louet Erica 4-shaft, and a LeClerc Dorothy. Of those, the Erica is the clear winner in my book, both for function and for price. Considerably less expensive than the other 2 brands, and works beautifully! I like it so much, I'm selling my other 2 and ordering a second Erica!