Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Trick OR Treat!

  What a treat!  A new shawl warp going on Jocelyn's loom!  Marie was on hand to help her get it wound on the loom.  This is going to be a beauty.

  Carol was on call to help Liz wind on this towel warp.  These will be "pillow ticking" towels!!!

   Pat dressed this Pup at home, and brought it to the Center ready to go.  These placemats will be a big hit!

   No...this isn't a new warp.  Carl was starting a fresh shuttle of blue jean strips.

    Christy has been joining up panels of blue jeans so they'll be ready to strip when Carl needs them.  We like to keep him supplied.......no tricks here!!!!

  These ladies were busy at their looms.
Way to go, Sharon, Frieda and Anna!!!

  These ladies were .....uh-oh....not busy on their looms!!!!  Is this a trick?????
  (Seriously....they were REAL busy earlier.  The extra heddles had to be removed from Bonnie's loom, which was a tricky operation!!!!)

   Marie brought in some donated old copies of Handwoven for giveaway.  Irene and Ron got a chance to give them the once over.
  They are always a treat!

  What are they looking at?????  Do you see a ghost?  a clown?    Oh.....the camera!!!!

Here are your treats!!!!

Polly went to the orchard, and brought us some apples to sample.

Linda made "haystacks" for us to nibble on, while Sharon fixed us all a treat bag!

It's always a treat to be with the Tuesday Weavers!!!

Happy Weaving!


Tina J said...

Linda and I saw that camera come out!

Theresa said...

Oh yum, apples, my favorite fruit. I have one every day. What varieties do ou all sample? Happy Halloween weavers! Thank you for the thank you card.