Monday, October 2, 2017


I keep telling myself to focus. There are just a couple of more weeks til my next show and I've taken off most of the summer to visit family. I also got a new shop to carry my things so I am a tad low on stock for the show. So, focus!!  I keep getting distracted. The latest is that I got the series Downton Abbey for Christmas. I am finally getting around to watching it in the studio where my sewing machines and cutting table are. I keep finding excuses to work in there. So today I keep telling myself to weave very quickly so that I can cut, serge and assemble these pieces. Oh, and sew buttons on the two black pieces I wove. I didn't bother with pictures. Black is black! 
I did like weaving this warp. It's sea blue plus light gray and a blue gray. I only had 3 cones for weft so just wove a couple of vests and tops. I will put this on a list to weave again but next time add a jacket.

The color is gray, not brown. And, it's not tan, it's gray.  The blue changes the other colors. 
A week ago I didn't get any weaving done. I took DD to Florida to meet a friend and just got back Thursday evening in time to turn around and go with DH to Kentucky. He was helping judge a guitar contest. When we were in Nashville in July for our music convention, I sent a vintage suitcase up to Kentucky with a friend for his wife to paint for me. I just asked for a Christmas theme. I love what she did! Since I keep my tree up all the time, I can place this nearby and it will be good for storage as well as fit right in.
Ok, focus! I'm heading downstairs to keep weaving. The newest warp is a combination of jade green and browns. Should be fun to weave! It's on, threaded and ready to go. Bobbins are wound, too. After all, Downton Abbey is waiting for this afternoon....
Until next week, keep weaving!

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