Thursday, October 12, 2017


Ah....what is it???
That, folks, is a roll of EIGHT placemats that were cut off the loom last weekend at the Museum of Appalachia!!!!!

  People always ask me how long it takes to weave a placemat, and I always tell them that I have no idea!  I stop and talk to people as they come into the Loom House, so I do not just weave one without stopping.  Even at home...I hop up and answer the phone, or go check on what the cats are into.

  But, Sunday at the Museum, it was raining, and no one was coming into the Loom House.   And,  I was weaving like I knew what I was doing!!!!   (I kinda had an inkling that we might get to pack up early!!!)  So, the loom is empty except for the thrums, and I'll visit her again in the spring.
  This makes 14 placemats from that warp.  That's not a biggy for lots of folks, but it's a nice little haul for me.  I should have taken them straight to the serger and separated them, but here they are.  That's OK....I have some time before our Foothills show.

   While I was weaving, I was thinking about the unfinished projects I had waiting for me.  Besides the hot pads, oven mitts and another dozen placemats to be hemmed, I have this shawlette that needs some attention.  It was the first thing I wove on my 15 inch rigid heddle loom.
  I should have hemmed stitched the ends....lesson learned.  Also, I should have had a longer warp.  But, this might work after all.

  I'm thinking I will just curve it around and attach it to the side of the cloth.  I just need to get a clean finish on that edge!  Also, I'll need to decide if it would wear better if I gave a twist to the length.  This piece is 13.5 inches by 56 inches.
  I'll baste it in place and see which way works best.

  I have about five weeks to get ready for the next show...I guess I'll just take it one project at a time.

Happy Weaving!


Theresa said...

It takes me forever to weave some projects and not a lot for others. I have some two shuttle weaving on the pup and that has been slow, snowflake holiday towels on one shuttle, super fast! 14 placemats is a pretty darn tidy haul in my book!

Tina J said...

Finishing is always a bottleneck at my studio!