Monday, October 23, 2017

Another one in the books!

I'm just back from Asheville! Tired doesn't even start to describe me! However, it's good to be done with my show. They changed it to three days instead of the four it's been for years this year and it's kind of weird. We put our whole selves into these shows. We display the things we've made and just hope someone will like what we've done. We spend hours talking to strangers. They can quickly become friends and I love that. Sometimes, rarely really, you get some comments that make you question what you do. Inspite of being one day shorter, it's just as tiring. One day to rest and we're ready to go again, wind another warp, weave things to fill in the gap of what sold.
I took pictures of what the booth looked like Friday morning after the show opened.
I like colors. 
Winter's on its way and cotton jackets are warm enough for most of our winters in this part of the country.
My newest combination is red, light gray and royal blue in the center. It's cheerful and makes you smile.
Sometimes the accent color has bits of color that gives more texture to the fabric. A bit of yellow perks up this vest.
Bamboo and cotton, different combinations of yarns and colors.
Changing colors and seeing how well I can tempt people to try something on.
So I've done the paperwork and figured out what gets stored and what goes to shops. By tomorrow afternoon I'll be ready to wind a warp. Just before I set up for a show I wonder if it's really worth it to keep weaving. Then I talk to people and sell a few things and I know it's worth it to see happy customers again.
Until next week, keep weaving!

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LA said...

Those bright colors will brighten up the winter days!!!!