Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Fall Weaving

  We knew it was just a matter of time....Linda's warp has become a real knee knocker!  But, she had a plan:  a dozen of the back/blue placemats with a table runner.  There is another dozen placemats and a runner that have an orange/red color scheme on the beam, also.  Today was the day that they came off the loom!
  Linda was thinking that she needed to get them off the loom so she could start hemming them for the Foothills sale.  It will be here before we know it!

  Remember that lovely green warp that Helen was winding last week?   Here it is going on one of the table looms.  She got it wound on, which means she'll be threading next week.


  How many weavers does it take to fold up a Harrisville loom? 
  Christy finished her scarf warp (and now she's down in Orlando with Cindy at a workshop!!!!  Hi, Cindy!!!!)  For right now, this little loom is going to stay out of the way!

  Meanwhile, back on the barn loom, Carl finished up one rug and started another one.
  We had a family visit the studio this afternoon.  They brought Carl three pairs of jeans to use for his rugs.  I have to wonder if the kids had heard us talking at the Museum about recycling blue jeans to make rugs.
  We'll never know.............

  Ah....The Ladies!  Bonnie is almost finished threading the shawl.  I saw her and Shirley carefully taking out more of the weft threads from the original shawl.  This is too much fun to watch!
  Ms. Ila is back to work on the warp that never ends.  (It was labeled for two shawls....she wove three already!)  I wonder how much is left!!!!!

 That reminds me.....one of the shawls ended up too long from Ms. Ila's warp.  She had some fun with it, and made a poncho.  That also resulted in a long discussion of how you pronounce "Quetzquemetyl."
     It also resulted in the pulling of several books from our library to show different ways to make a poncho/ruana/ quetzquemetyl.

  We were so happy to see Jocelyn today.  She's getting ready for her next project with her hand dyed yarn.  It just needs to be wound off the skein!

  I'm sure you'll be hearing more about this from Tina, but, here's a preview.  Look at this cool Inkle loom!!!!!    She's weaving tabs for her towels right now.  Just think of how long a warp you could get on this loom!!!!

  Sharon, our Librarian, got the books checked in after lunch.  We're always pulling one or another to look up information.
  ***Thank you! ***


  Another "thank you" goes to Polly.  She built this display for our Foothills show.  This will be great for the purses and tote bags and other items that can be hung with a S hook.  It will get LOTS of use!

  Fall Weaving.....just the best!

Happy Weaving!

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Theresa said...

Love that inkle loom. It looks familiar. Easy purchase? Maker?
Jocelyn's yarn is eye catching. I love that color!
Looks like some great books in your library. Another good one is on its way.