Saturday, October 28, 2017

About That Carrot....

  It worked.
  I dug in and got all the placemats hemmed, washed and pressed!
  That's the good news.
  The bad news was that there are THREE different sizes!!!!

  That's okay...I had planned on keeping some for ME anyway.  I have one set of four, and four sets of two for the Foothills sale.

  Why are they different sizes?  My guess is that it has a lot to do with summer humidity and the difference in how hard I beat when I'm talking to folks. 
  My reward for getting them finished was the drive to Asheville with Tina last was a beautiful  Fall day to drive over the mountain.

  This week I'm working on pot holders....or, I should say I WANT to work on pot holders!!! 
  Since I needed a project for the school group that was coming to the Museum on Wednesday, I decided I would weave tape for my overshot hot pads.
  It was just chilly enough to build a fire in the fireplace, which worked out well for the kids as they came through.  The kids had a lot of good questions, and many of them had been weaving on cardboard looms in art class.  They could see the connection to what I was weaving on the Inkle loom.

The students were amazed that there could be so many different patterns on such a simple loom.

  I'm please at how it turned's a good match for the woven piece. 

  I have three hot pads to stitch up this weekend...that's one more project in the books!  But, now I have to come up with another project to weave at the Museum next week!!!  That's not such a bad gig.....weaving by the fire!

Happy Weaving!


Theresa said...

But all so pretty. I often have trouble with consistency in size. Daydreaming at the loom no doubt. We have lots of fraternal twins..... :-)

Tina J said...

The tapes will be perfect for your hot pads!