Saturday, October 21, 2017

Floor Inkle Loom

Theresa wanted to know about my floor Inkle loom, so I thought this would be a good chance to share about it.  It is called the "Harpsichord" and it is made by Maggie at Windhaven Fiber Tools.  That is also the name of their Etsy shop.

Maggie makes all sizes of Inkle looms, and all sorts of wooden fiber tools.  Maggie gives you several choices of wood, and with your choice the very reasonable price varies.  This Inkle loom can make a band up to 18 ft.

Since the band could be really long, there are 2 tensioning pegs, and you can also slip the band off of a peg and gain a little more room.

This is the lower tensioning peg.....

Here is the upper tensioning peg......

 I have only warped a short sample for an online course I am taking, it is a free online class that is being given by Susan J. Foulkes.  The class is a 3 or 4 week study group, and Susan posts the files on the yahoo group "Braids and Bands" one week at a time.  The files are there basically forever, and you work at your own pace, which suites me just fine right now!

This is all I have been able to do so far, the first design of the first weeks class.  Life is busy just now, and I know that the class will be there when I am ready.

Until next week, Happy Weaving, Tina


LA said...

That is such a neat little loom! It is exactly the right height if you are sitting in a chair, too!

weavinca said...


Would you post a link to sign up for the class?

Thank you!

Theresa said...

Nice inkle! I knew I had seen it on Easy but couldn't remember if it was a Weiner Dog one of a Windhaven. Nice to see perspective with someone weaving at it too as you were on the post before this one!. I too would love a link . :-)

Tuesday Weavers said...

The class is hosted on the "Braids and Bands" Yahoo group, which has a connection with the Braid Society in England. Let me see if I can grab a link while I am signed in to this blog.

I find Yahoo difficult to navigate, but that is probably because I am used to other forums like Ravelry. Hope to see you there!


Maggie said...

Ooooh! I want one!