Thursday, October 26, 2017

It Was My Carrot

Last week, LouAnn and I went to Asheville to pick up a couple of spinning wheels and accelerated spinning wheel heads (for my great wheels), that I had with Alan of "Bobbin Boy", my spinning wheel fix-it guy.  Since I was going that way, I took my last 2 antique wheels that needed just a little bit of fine tuning to be in good working order.

Before I allowed myself to make that trip however, I had to finish a long standing project for the upcoming Foothills Guild Fall show.  LouAnn had placemats to hem, I had yards of kitchen towel fabric to weave, cut, serge and hem.  I settled in and I wove, pretty steadily, on that project during my studio time that week.  As I was nearing the end I noticed that one of the sections of warp was going to run out before all of the others.

Bummer, I would much rather have one section be the long one!

Even so, I had a very satisfying amount of cloth on the front beam.

I got a total of 16 towels from this warp, with another 2 or so that are still on the warp beam.  (I will see if I can work that out later after the show)

Following Marie's instructions, I hemmed the towels myself. (teach a man to fish)  I also added tabs on the hem of each towel, though I don't think I got a picture of that.

Tuesday, after our time at the Center, I went by LouAnns's house to borrow her handy steam iron press, and I was glad I did!

I meant to get a better picture of the finished towels, but I had a busy day and forgot!  I will get a better one when I get a chance.

Tomorrow I am going to SAFF in Asheville, while I am there I will be seeing Alan of "Bobbin Boy" and Milissa of  "Mountain Mama Weavers" at their booth.  Alan seemed to think that he might have my wheels ready for me to take home.  If he does, you guys are in for a treat next week.  The Irish Castle wheel is going to be ready for some glamour shots and a first spin, I already have a project in mind.

Until next week, Happy Weaving, Tina


LA said...

Those are mighty nice towels....and I know they will be workhorses in the kitchen. I've got my fingers crossed that your wheels will be ready!

Theresa said...

16, impressive and beautiful!