Monday, May 29, 2017

Catching Up!

I wove these rugs awhile ago but the pile of rugs just sat there til I had a few hours. 
Saturday evening we had a storm come through. It was quite fast moving, but did some damage. It wasn't bad right here but a mile away a tree went down on power lines. I don't think that it affected us but just after the storm started our power went out. We're used to power going out during snow storms or when there's a lot of wind damage with trees down. We're not used to no damage and no power!
I've heard from several Tuesday Weavers and at least one had a bunch of trees down and power poles snapped. As usual, the storm varied in intensity as it came through.
Our power came back on sometime yesterday morning so I headed down to serge and hem these rugs. Although we had power, Comcast was out which meant no cable, Internet or phone. Good thing we have cell phones and iPads, and a DVD player in my studio!
I was working nicely, in full production mode. So about 4:30 power went out again! So I didn't get more hemming done. However when we got back home after 7pm, not only was the power on but also Comcast, a full 6 hours before they had predicted.
Today I'm finishing with this stack of rugs.
They're all small. The warp was only 24 inches. Black warp and using bits of weft I had waiting to be woven.
First two rugs were woven with loopers. I had divided loopers and chained them separately by colors.
Stripes of black vs natural and light gray would look great in a bathroom or kitchen.
Same with this one. It's fun to sometimes do an asymmetrical design.
The rest were selvedges. I used up all my blue selvedges.
Dark grays and neutrals.

More neutrals with a bit of green and blue plus Belle. She was actually more interested in a bug flying nearby but she sat for a second and I got her!
These neutrals work well together. Teal pulls it together.
The dark red selvedges frame the neutrals in the middle. More of Belle!
So that's what was on that roll of rugs. I'm taking another roll off the loom today before I wind on a white warp for clothing. It won't be anything worth posting on photo wise, but the white pieces will be nice to wear once done.
It's going to be another busy week but I'll weave when I can and hopefully the warp will get done!
Until next week, keep weaving!


LA said...

How nice of Belle to be Vanna for you!!! Great rugs!

Tina J said...

I think narrow rugs are a great idea, perfect for in front of the sink.