Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Have warp...some weft....let's weave!!!

 Yes...it's that time!

Let's get those warps on the loom so we can weave like the wind.....

  This is Liz's first floor loom project, and Carol was ready to lend a hand getting it on the loom.

  This is also a great time to chat with the ladies nearby.

  Betsy was ready to wind on her warp, too.  Marie and Linda stepped in to lend a hand at the front of the loom.  (Shhhhh....don't tell....but, they wound it on the wrong way and had to rewind it!!!!) 

  It could happen to anyone, right?

   Ray isn't quite ready to wind on just yet.  He got the reed sleyed last week, and this week he was busy threading the heddles.  These towels will be show stoppers!!!

Anna's scarf is ready to go...the sampling is done, and the weaving has begun.


  As promised, here's a quick look at Christy's scarf.  Notice the splash of orange in this warp!

  Bonnie and Ms. Ila were hard at work at their looms:  another batch of towels and beautiful shawls coming up!!!!

 THEY said I wouldn't include this picture....but, I did!  Yes, I'm under the loom fixing the 1-3 tie up.  It did help, but, I'll be back under the loom next week to adjust both plain weave treadles.

    Ruth Ann and Helen are still working on their first warps, and Carol is always there to encourage and answer questions.

There are always more rugs to weave, but you need to cut more weft, right, Carl????
  Pat jumped in to help with the L O N G strip of blue jeans.

Another great day with the Tuesday Weavers!

Happy Weaving!

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Theresa said...

I wonder if anyone does precut rags for weaving? If I lived there I would probably try to hide for an overnight stay with all those looms. I'm telling you LA, you guys should do a greatest hits book of favorite weaves and recipes. Here's to good weaving and snacking! ;-)