Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Just Sayin'

Congo Bars help us keep our energy up for weaving!!!

(Thanks, Betsy!!!)

Crafting on the front porch on a sweet Spring day is a fine way to spend the morning.

Having weaving friends to talk to is the best!


A McMorran Yarn Balance is still the best way to find out if you have enough yarn for that project! 


And, fringe twisters are just the best!!!!


 Carol is always there to help you through a bug-a-boo.


  It's actually easy to lose your place in the treadling.

Rugs just don't weave themselves.  


It's a fact...if you are under a loom, someone will take your picture.

Pretty yarns will make a pretty scarf.

 If you wear your chicken socks, and do the chicken dance, we will all applaud.


Beware of weavers who say, "Why don't you weave on this warp for awhile."
Just sayin'......

Happy Weaving!


Theresa said...

Oh gosh, crafting on the front porch is perfection. I have dragged my wheel out twice but we're just not there yet. The daffodils are just now beginning to bloom.
Chicken socks and congo bars. I really need a winter pied-a-terre in TN! ;-)

Sharon said...

That front porch has my name written all over it. It's the feature I miss most from our old house. Of course your porch is all the sweeter for the merry company :)