Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Crowd Control

Carol was on duty again today, she, our fearless leader has been charged with keeping the bedlam that is often present on Tuesdays, under control, for as long as I have been here (2001).

 It doesn't look like much to begin with,

 a weaver here and a weaver there.

Harriet popped in for a quick visit!  We do miss her!

Before you know it though, the room is full of weavers, noisy weavers!  Winding on new warps, and threading and sleying thru the reed!

I witnessed a couple of instances of loom repair,  in one instance we (LouAnn, Marie and I) raised the harnesses of one loom, a counter balance, to improve  shed and on  another loom, Marie raised the shuttle race to keep a mischievous shuttle from plunging thru the warp to the floor!

 I overheard, and participated in discussions of past weaving disasters, tangled warps, forgetting to go over the back beam, forgetting to go thru the heddles and wondering what was the matter when you went to weave.  You just cannot even imagine the laughter from all corners of the room!  I will not assign weaver's names to any of these instances, it just can't be done.

 I do have it on good authority that there was some actual weaving going on!  However with so much going on I would be hard pressed to keep it all straight.

So of course the only thing to do when we are all in such a state is to call "Lunch Time", and in so doing at least  Carol can catch her breath while the weavers all hold still for a few minutes.

After lunch time, everybody gets to work again, and as usual, the afternoon is much quieter more relaxed.  Conversations have more pauses than before.  We all take stock of what we have managed to get accomplished in the few hours we have together.  A towel finished here, a warp beamed there,  Hemstitching, and heddle threading in progress, but not quite finished.

As each weaver heads for home, they call out "good bye" and "see you next week".  The looms are put away and the projects will be waiting for us , and not only that but we all look forward to more conversations and laughter, and sharing and caring next week, and every week.  That is what this crowd is all about.

Until next week, Happy Weaving, Tina for all


LA said...

Thank you for your help with the loom today...I love the shed I'm getting now!!!

Theresa said...

I bet you guys have awesome lunches...:-)