Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The View

  We were so happy to see Charlotte today...she dropped by with some placemats and hot pads that she wove for the shop upstairs.  She also brought the shawl she just finished for her daughter.  She used bamboo for the warp and weft....doesn't it drape like a dream!!!!

Speaking of shawls, take a look at the new shawl Jocelyn is weaving.  This is the third shawl on this warp, and she's using gray bamboo for the weft.  That lovely painted warp still shines right through!!!!

 Bonnie was SO ready to get this towel warp threaded and sleyed.  Today was the day!  After she got it tied on, she declared that she was finished for the day.....weaving starts next week on this eight harness pattern.

  This a close up of Ms. Ila's shawl pattern.  I haven't been able to get a shot where the silver thread shows up...it's so much nicer in person!!!!

  After cutting a bucket full of blue jean strips, Carl was ready to get back to the loom.  You can see the re-weave rug going on the cloth beam....it is finished!!!!

  After last week's tangle, Betsy was ready to start again.  (It went so much smoother!!!)  This will be a twelve yard rug warp using five different colors in the warp.

 Frieda's newest scarf has a more subtle weft than her last scarf.  It's fun to see the colors dance through as she weaves.

  It wouldn't have been a good idea to be too close to Molly as she wove today....she got ahold of a bad cone of cotton (probably OLD!)  The weft kept breaking!!!!  I will say that Molly has a good vocabulary!!!!
  She's decided to unweave and carefully choose another cone to weave this towel.

  Now to news on the pink shawl warp:  Marie is going to take over this project!  After brainstorming ideas, it was decided to change the epi to 20.  Since Marie was working upstairs today, Tina set about re-sleying to a 10 dent reed.  It's all ready for Marie to get going!
  Linda is weaving away on the black placemat warp.  The black and white weft keeps them neutral.

  Sharon has started weaving on the hand dyed bamboo scarf using a pattern from Davison.  We'll check back next week on her progress.

  Ray finished the placemat warp that Pat had put on the Leclerc just in time to help Christy wind on her warp.  This is a hand dyed mixed fiber warp....just wait until next week for a close up!!!!
  We'll have to wait and see what Ray's next project will be, too!

It's always such a pleasure to look around the studio and see all the wonderful weaving taking place.  I wish you could enjoy our VIEW!!!

Happy Weaving!

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Tina J said...

I missed seeing Christy's warp, I will be sure to look at it when I come back from my trip.