Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Fixin' Boo-Boos

It happens to every weaver at some time or another....a BOO-BOO.  You know:  a threading error, a treadling error, a tangle?  It happens.
  It's what you do next that defines you as a weaver.

Tina's pink shawl warp has been a challenge.  (I'm putting that mildly, by the way.)
  When we looked at the picture she took of it, we realized that there was a treadling error....and, in the meantime, she also realized that there was a threading error.  Tina is a detail person, and nothing would do but fixing these problems.

  Thank goodness the fix will only require ONE repair heddle instead of a complete re-threading!!!

  I think it's a good learning experience for our new weavers to see how we deal with challenges.  They get discouraged when they make a mistake, but, that's just an opportunity to learn a lesson!!!  (Please note the placemats under Carol's iPad....we'll talk about those in a minute!!!)

  Elsewhere in the Studio, folks are working on their looms.  Carol makes the rounds to check on progress.
  Betsy is back from her trip to Arizona, and she's ready to wind a new warp for the Studio Loom.  She ran the numbers, and chose five colors for her new warp.  You can see her setting up the warping mill in the background.

  And, it happened!  I didn't see what happened, but somehow those threads became a big ole mess!  And, true to Tuesday Weaver tradition, everyone jumped in to help!

  This is what you call team work!

Slowly, but surely, the threads were worked through and wound back on their cones.

Betsy said she'd wait until next week to start winding again........

  Then back to their looms they went. 

  Even those tricky treadling patterns on those hand painted scarf warps.

  Yep....one more boo-boo.  The ties broke on the back of loom!  It's a good thing Joan is almost at the end of her scarf!

  Now....back to those placemats.  My bad!  I had two placemats that needed some needle weaving.  As Carol says, she's very good at this repair.  She was able to show our new weavers how she does this....now they know there is a fix!!!!

Happy Weaving and learning!!!


Theresa said...

Needle weaving has never been my strong suit. That one pic looks like a sea of wolves...... I only have a small wall of wolves! ;-)

Sharon said...

We all make those mistakes as part of our learning journey but oh my, how nice to have other people to help fix them! Many hands make light work :)