Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Happy Birthday!!!

  Yes, it comes around once a year!  Happy Birthday, Pat!!!  We're so glad you wanted to spend your special day with us!!! 
  Pat brought some of her linen napkins that she just finished to show us.  (She confessed that she now has a "love-hate" relationship with linen!)  By the way, she used an eight harness Atwater-Bronson pattern from Strickler.

  Wouldn't you know it....Ms. Ila just so happened to bake a yummy chocolate cake for us today.  This one had walnuts and raisins in it.  There was very little cake left at the end of the day!!!

   Christy is back from New Orleans, and brought us some truly tasty treats!   We're going to make the beignets next week!!!!  We just need some oil and powdered sugar!

  We kept the Birthday girl busy....she helped Tina wind off a pound of 8/4 that she had rinsed.  The swift had to spin just right to keep the cone winder happy!

     Elsewhere in the studio, it was business as usual.  Alyce is winding a new warp for placemats on the warping board, and Carol had time to catch up with Anna.  Bonnie is still threading her towel warp....lots of threads!!!!

   Molly was able to be with us today...I'm not sure how much weaving she got to do, though.  We all wanted to hear about her upcoming trip, and just catch up with her.

Carl got the new rug warp threaded and tied on.  We will wind it on next week, and he'll be ready to weave that blue jean rug for the customer.  Then, he'll start weaving more blue jean rugs for the shop!


  Marie brought her hedgehog for us to admire today!!!  It is knitted, and then felted before it is stuffed full of goodness.  Wayyyyyy too cute!
  And, the towel on the counter is the one she received in the towel exchange on Ravelry.  It is done in turned overshot!!!

A very busy day in the Studio!!!

Happy Weaving!