Monday, April 17, 2017

Last Warp....for Awhile

Last rug warp for awhile! I'm already weaving some production pieces but this last warp of rugs was kind of cool so thought I'd post them.
Maggie commented on my last post, asking about my weft. I'm using selvedges which are the waste product of fabric production for afghans, upholstery....I'm not sure what all but it would go to the dump if someone hadn't rescued it. It's kind of like loopers. They go to the dump as well because they are the waste product of sock production. The cool thing about selvedges is that there's a core warp that supports tons of very short wefts. It's the wefts that you're seeing as fringe. It makes for a cushy soft rug. However, they are heavy. I cut off the rugs after I weave 4 of them and tie on the warp again. Carrying a pile of them just isn't easy plus the cloth beam can't hold more than 5 on my loom..
Great Northern in Kalamazoo MI has them but I've been getting mine from Hawarden, Iowa at a place called InWeave. They have a web site and ship. The shipping is what gets you. They are cheap to buy but getting them is the problem. I am very fortunate that I found this source shortly before I was going to drive up to visit my family in Canada a few years ago. In looking on mapquest, I realized that the town is 20 minutes off interstate 29 which I drive from Kansas City to The border. So it's an easy jaunt through the countryside to pick up some bags of selvedges. Last year I went on my way up because I knew I'd be coming back on a Sunday. Try explaining to customs that you're just  taking them for a ride and they'll end up in Tennessee! I am using up all I have this spring so I may end up dropping in there again in July on my way up. 
The warp on this one was neutrals again.
If the cats know I'm taking a picture, they have to check it out!!
That one weft was sort of variegated with bits of yellow, black and white to go with the solid grey bands.
That looks like Belle on the rug. She's a tad darker then Meg.
I like having bits of color with all the neutrals.
Teal and gray should work nicely for someone.
Turquoise with more sand colors wefts.
This one was all the orangey colors I had. I thought it was the closest to Vol colors I had.  DD saw it and said it reminded her of flamingos so she claimed it. It'll look nice in her apartment.
Red makes me smile.
This last rug was smaller. I cut some of the warp threads to make it just 24 inches wide and wove it about 36 inches long. I used up all that warp. I had planned for about 8 rugs so it worked out nicely.
I do have a few more selvedges left and I'll weave on a black warp again but not for awhile. I'm looking forward to having some jackets to work on again in the evenings.
We had a gorgeous weekend but it's raining this morning and is supposed to rain for several days now. Perfect weather for getting some weaving done! 
Until next week, keep weaving!


LA said...

Yeah! More rugs! I thought you might decide to stop on your way north this summer for more selvedges!!!

Harriet Gamble Hensley said...

They are beautiful...... you are amazing....