Thursday, April 27, 2017

More Threads, Please!

Those words remind me of the scene from "Oliver" when the child asks for MORE......

    Ah, well, I digress.  We are back to the strap for the cross body purse for my daughter.  I threaded the warp for the strap using the colors in the fabric she chose for the outside.  But, I was concerned because it only wove up a little less than a half an inch wide.

The fix?  Add some threads!!!!

I added a stripe in bright yellow, which gave me just a tad over half an inch, which I think is just right.  Plus, it gave me five stripes--I think an odd number always works best, don't you?
  I like how the strap looks with her fabric, too.

  The game changer has been this Inkle loom!!!  This is a 6 yard warp!!!  (And, I didn't even warp it all the way!) 
  Pat had the loom at her house for safe keeping, and decided that someone else could foster it for awhile.  It is 40 inches long and 16 inches high.    I'm sure I don't need the whole 6 yards, but this is just perfect for right now!!!

Garden Update:

  See those stubs????
They were my healthy broccoli plants.
The groundhogs found them tasty, I guess!!!!
They ate all six plants.

Those little green plants are my new carrots.  We'll see what happens.  I did buy some moth balls to put in the pallets to discourage those hungry whistle pigs!!!!  (And, maybe the broccoli will grow back????)

  The lettuce continues to grow...the spinach, not so much.  I may reseed that part.

On the right are the okra plants that have popped up.  I'm still waiting for the corn.  I may be replanting those, too.

I have beans in the middle pallet, and they are starting to leaf, too.  I think the rabbits have been  nibbling on them.  I added some moth balls to that pallet, too.
  The hummingbirds are back, as are the lightning bugs.  Life is good on the Ridge!
I'm glad I have plenty of threads!

Happy Weaving!  (and growing!)

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Theresa said...

Love the inkle band! The bag is pretty lovely too. But those mothballs LA, I wouldn't put them anywhere near something I'm going to eat, let alone into the environment.