Thursday, April 6, 2017

Early April in East Tennessee

  It's a roller coaster ride this time of year.  Yesterday, it was almost 80 it has been breezy and chilly.  By Sunday, we are expecting the temps to roar back to the upper 70s. 
  I met a couple today at the Museum.  They were headed back home to Indiana from spring break in Florida.  They were in shock!

But, with such a handsome host, they soon felt right at home.  The warm blaze in the fireplace helped, too!!!
  Somehow, they managed to come by when the students were at lunch. 
  Today was Day #1 of the Anderson County Student Day.  I saw 250 fourth graders!  (Tomorrow, there will be 250 more!!!)  Since it is too cold to work in the Loom House, I brought my Inkle loom and the Rigid Heddle to weave on in the Peter's Cabin. 
  ***I had one little girl ask me where she could come to learn to weave....I told her about the Center across the street.  That would be a fun summer project for her!

The flora is coming along in my garden...if I can just keep the fauna out of there!
  I love spring weather in East just never know what's coming around the corner.
Enjoy Spring where you are!

Happy Weaving!


Tina J said...

I think we are going to need the fire tomorrow morning too, for a little while.

Theresa said...

Spring is a fickle woman isn't she. We had almost 60 degree temps on Weds and today it is going to snow....sigh...

Stay warm you two, have fun with those students

Maggie said...

Look at your cute little pallet garden! I love it!