Thursday, April 13, 2017


It happens
  A rat's nest.....
  Witches hair.....

  A test for your patience.

  This is a placemat warp for the Rocker Beater loom at the Museum of Appalachia.  I'm using stripes of the colors from my Fiesta dishes--each stripe is one inch wide. 
  I wound three bouts, each five inches wide, chained them, and loaded them into their own plastic bag to take to the Museum on Wednesday morning.  The first two went on like a charm.  (I rough sleyed them in the reed so I didn't have to take a raddle.)

  The third chain (which was the first one I wound and chained) went through the reed very nicely, but I quickly discovered that there was an infight going on with the threads.

    I used leaders to tie them to the back rod, and started to wind on the warp.

I put slip knots in the warp and used the hand weights to keep tension on the warp as I wound it on.  As I stopped each time to move the weights, I had to work on the tangle on the left bout.  It probably took me twice as long to wind it on as it should have!!!!
   I went back to the Museum today for two school groups and continued my project.
  I just kept working the tangle down until I got to the last two that point, I pulled each thread free of the tangle, and finished the winding.


  The weft will be a navy cotton fabric...and I think they will be wonderful!  This is a twelve yard warp, so I think I'll have enough to sell and some to keep.

  I started threading the warp this afternoon....I got 20 threaded before I decided I had had enough for one day.  Besides the two school groups, there were several people touring the grounds that stopped to chat.  It was a fun day.

  Guess what was waiting in my mailbox Tuesday afternoon????  YES!  I haven't even had a chance to really sit down and give it a close look, but I'm so looking forward to spending some quality time with it.

  And, now that I have faced the monster tangle and won, I just might take that time!

Happy Weaving!

4 comments: said...

I remember reading that fiestaware sued a weaver for using "their" colors. You might want to research that before offering any or your gorgeous placemats for sale.

Kaaren in California

Theresa said...

I just got my copy too and haven't had a moment to really absorb it either.
You are matching your dishes, not calling the placemats Fiesta. I think you'll slide by.
Glad you got all the tangles out.Some warps are just like that.

Sharon said...

Those are going to be gorgeous! Just be sure to say inspired by when you use Fiesta and you should be okay. I got in trouble when I named mine that and then put them on Etsy. Don't do that.

Tina J said...

Great colors for the old Rocker Beater! I ordered my copy of the book, it should get here on Monday.