Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Beignets Anyone???

While the crew was busy winding on Carl's new rug warp, Christy and I were making Beignets in the kitchen!  The CREW got their beignets delivered to them!!!  A little reward for all their hard work!
  Afterwards, Carl got the warp tied on the front bar, and he was ready to weave.  The first rug will be the re-weave project for the lady with the dogs.......

Oh, those Ladies!

They pull out those looms and get to work.  This is the place to be!

Christy got busy sleying a scarf warp.  She is a Front to Back warper, by the way!  Just on the other side, Jocelyn and Molly were weaving on their looms.  Yes, Molly is also on her computer!  She's working on the treadling sequence to get just the right effect for that wonderful warp.

Pat wound the mug rug warp at home, and she got it wound on the table loom.  Threading goes a little easier when folks aren't stopping to talk--right, Pat???  Would you believe she had a threading error???  Don't know how that happened!!!!
   Lanny used the fringe twister to finish the fringes on his beautiful scarf.  Today, he was using a binder of past issues of Handwoven for the weight.  On the other side of the table, Carol was walking Helen through hemstitching.  She kept checking back ever so often.
  The yarn on the table was up for grabs....as our weavers purge their stashes, other weavers are winners!!!!
  I'm not sure, but I think these ladies are up to something!!!

  Polly is going to take custody of that little loom....it will be fun to see what she weaves with it.  It is rather unique.

  There's always something going on around here...another great Tuesday!

Happy Weaving!

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Theresa said...

I do love my Weds morning visit.Beignets! I love beignets. I must look for the mix, who knew....