Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Aftermath and Potluck


  Yes...we did have some weaving going on in the Studio today.  The Ladies were at their looms, which gave them a chance to chat with the ladies from the Crossville Weavers' Guild.  Those ladies drove over to visit with our group and have some lunch!
  We got our cars unloaded this morning....display pieces were put back in storage....stock was returned upstairs in the shop....and woven items returned to their weaver.  Marie handed out checks to the weavers who had sales during Homecoming.  I guess that means we'll be busy weaving the next few weeks getting ready for the Foothills sale.


  Our visitors gathered around Betsy as she cut strips for her newest rug.  She's using some wool we had in our stash.

  Anna, Frieda and Harriet used the lull in activity to share what they had going....we always have some project either starting or stopping or hatching!!!!

  Meanwhile, Irene was going to start dressing the Pup with another painted warp.  OH-NO!  There is a terrible tangle in the warp!!!!
  You can see the chain laid out on the carpet....it's probably a warp for 3 or 4 scarves!!!  This is where a lot of patience is a real virtue!!!

  Karin had a special cake made for our Potluck lunch:  a woven cake!!!!!  (Can you just imagine trying to describe that to a baker????)
  Not only was it beautiful, but it was delicious, too!!!!


   Now....this is a beautiful sight!!!!  Not only do we weave very well....but there are a lot of great cooks in this group, too!!!

  Then it was all hands on deck to share the feast! 
  Our visitors brought some of their woven items to share with the group, and before we knew it, it was time for them to leave.
  Next week we will be back in full production.....and we'll work those tangles out of that scarf warp!
Happy Weaving!

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