Monday, October 10, 2016


Yesterday I spent all day at the Museum of Appalachia, helping with our Tuesday Weavers booth which is in the Peters House. It's a cool log cabin that was moved to the museum years ago. It's so nice to be in here. This year they added lights so we had much better lighting on our sale items and that probably helped us have a successful show!
This cabin is a big one. We're in the big room and my back is to the fireplace. A long porch lets you walk under protection outside to the next room which is the kitchen. There are steps from the outside to two rooms upstairs. Pretty luxurious for the times! 
We have this one room and our things were nicely displayed by our weavers. Harriet was busy working all Sunday morning. Sorry I didn't get a picture of Anna who also helped a bunch.
Outside on the porch Tina was spinning. She did this for four days. By Sunday afternoon she was tired of sitting but not spinning. She was spinning the finest thread you've ever seen. Took forever to get close to filling her bobbin. The lady she's talking to bought one of Bonnie M's shawls. It was multicolored orange, yellow....just a beautiful painted warp.
Oh, there's Anna on the left talking to a customer. Check out the walker in the back. We make bags that fit nicely on the walker so that whoever is using it can put their magazines, phone, etc in the pockets and take important things with them as they move from place to place. The people who buy them tell us how much the recipient enjoys having a bag for their things.
So what was LouAnndoing all this time? She was in the little house that you can see in the background of Tina's picture. It's the Loom House. She has truly resurrected the old loom out there. It shines with pride as she weaves placemats on it. The warp has been planned for 12 placemats and she'd cut off the first six. Now she was working on the last six. Shortly after I took this picture, she ran out of her weft, the strips of fabric she was weaving with. She was on the last placemat, too. It's disappointing but she'll cut more strips at home and come back to finish weaving the last one.
At 6pm we were glad to pack everything up, LouAnn, Tina, Marie and I loaded the cars and tomorrow morning we'll bring everything to the center, put away the displays, carry the items back upstairs to the shop and figure out what we need to weave for the next a month. You can get a lot woven in that length of time, you know. Should be interesting to see what else we can accomplish before the Foothills Craft Guild show.
Until next week, keep weaving!


LA said...

And another one is in the books!!! What a fantastic fall festival!

Tina J said...

I am so glad you got a picture of Lou Ann at her loom! The lights really did help make the woven goods more visible, and you are right, I think they sold better.