Tuesday, October 25, 2016

And, Another Thing.....

  You know how it is....you show a friend your handwovens, and before you know it, they want to learn to weave, too!!! 
  Say "Howdy" to Ruth Anne!  Yes, you've seen her here before....she's Betsy's friend that has 29 alpacas and weaves on a rigid heddle loom.  Now she's ready to learn to weave on a floor loom and join our merry band of weavers!!!  She brought along her very nice Ashford table loom for her first warp...it's a GO!!!!

  But, before Ruth Anne could wind her first warp, Joan would need to finish winding her warp.  Yes....it's always something!


According to Tina, she has been working on the 10th towel FOREVER!!!  There's something going on with the threads behind the heddles.....we found several twisted ones after she finished number ten!


According to Molly, Tina HAS been working on the 10th towel ever since she started threading her warp!!!  Just look at all those beautiful colors!!!!

  Carl had no comment on the 10th towel....he was intent on joining another weft strip for his rug.  He started a new rug today, and now we're guessing how many more on this warp!!!

Remember when you used to hide a book  behind a textbook so you could read during class???  That's what this picture looks like to me!  Actually, they were looking at Dixon....must be planning a new project for Jocelyn.

  Lanny always looks over the insurance policy for the Center to make sure we have adequate coverage.  Someone has to do it!!!!
  Anna has come up with some adorable tree ornaments using her pin loom pieces.
  That little inkle loom of Christy's got a work-out today!!!

****That's Pat in the background just working away on her placemats!

  Joan DID get her warp wound, and now it's going on the loom.  Irene is threading while Frieda gets ready to dress her loom.

  Yes....it's the Ladies!!!  What can you say?

Harriet went with some black weft for this sunny scarf.

Sharon's bracelets were such a hit that she needs to make more before the Foothills show.  And, for our new weavers, it gives them a chance to see how this loom works!

  It's three weeks until our Foothills show, and there's lots to do to get ready.  We'll be hemming and twisting fringes soon!!!

Happy Weaving!


Theresa said...

Whew! Another weaving whirlwind of a Tuesday!

Tina J said...

I was so busy with that 10th towel that I missed Harriet's warp! I'll check that out next week, thanks LouAnn!