Monday, October 24, 2016


I know, I didn't write last Monday. I was busy getting ready and totally forgot until Tuesday morning. I had a stack of pieces to finish for my show this past weekend.
Wednesday morning DH and I headed to Asheville to set up for the Southern Highland Craft Guild. He helps me out the panels up and get my lights set up. Without his help, it would take me forever to set up (and take down). Plus, he gets to drive over the mountains and enjoy the views which we both enjoy. He headed back home after we were set up worked the rest of the week, coming back yesterday to help take down.
So here's what I've been working on the last few months. 
Not only do I have my regular cotton production pieces, but I had a bunch of hand dyed handwoven pieces.
This is from the last warp I wove. It's what I call my color block pieces. I have 4 colors I use for the warp and then weave with a fifth color. This time it's chocolate brown. The other color block pieces I've woven were black. This was a new idea. This jacket got a new home on Saturday.
My new hand dyed warp project are bamboo jackets. Look: pockets! I figured out how to make it work. I like how the pockets hang on the jacket, nice crisp look, not baggy like on the tunics I wove last year.
Here's the other color block jacket I wove recently. It's at a new home in South Carolina this morning.  wanted. She wanted a show stopper piece. She loved it.

I truly like this piece. It's hand dyed as well. Imagine, in a few months. It's been snowing and the sky is dark and dreary but you put on this jacket. It cheers you up and anyone that sees it will, for a second, be cheered by the colorful sight.
So that's what my week was like. I'm taking today off to finish up the show stuff and ready for the next one. Then I may get another warp on the loom. I've got several waiting to go on the loom.
Until next week, keep weaving 


LA said...

Sounds like it was a successful show!!! And, a trip to Asheville to boot!!!!

Theresa said...

The booth looks lovely, glad the sales were good too. ;-)