Wednesday, October 5, 2016

It's A Go!

  This is a well deserved rest after loading up all the "stuff"--unloading all the "stuff" and setting up all the "stuff".  But, I have to say...we're getting pretty good at it.'s Homecoming at the Museum of Appalachia!  Thursday morning, more than two dozen school buses will unload students for a fun filled day of music, activities and touring the grounds at the Museum.  The Tuesday Weavers are set up at the Peter's Homestead House (Tina will be spinning on the porch while I'm weaving next door in the Loom House.)
  On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, we'll see lots of folks who come back year after year PLUS lots of new faces.  It is just like a Homecoming.

  We have lovely shawls at the front door.

   We love using the chicken wire really is versatile.

Just look at all the items you can hang on it just using clips and S hooks. 

The other side is great for displaying scarves on hangers.

  We love using this rack for all those beautiful dishtowels that our weavers produce.  (I'm sure Karin will make this arrangement even more appealing!)

         The lattice rack is great for showing off those lovely scarves.
   These tri-fold shelves give us just the space we need for placemats, table runners and napkins. 
  Yes...that's a walker!  We've been weaving bags for walkers for the last few years.  It's nice having a place to put your things when you need to hold on and walk!!!!

   We've got the rugs in the corner, and more placemats by the window!  This space really works for us. 
  All that's left now is to get a good night's rest before all the fun begins!!!  If you're in this neck of the woods, come on by and say, "Howdy!"



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Theresa said...

It's going to be wonderful. I wish I was in your neck of the woods LA! I'm not keeping up with most of my blogs (and blogger dumped them all last week!) because my dad is terminal, but I do pop in to see you guys. Catch you all on the other side of this.