Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Get Set!!!

Frieda knew that we would need an energy booster today, so she made us a pumpkin spice cake to keep us going!!!  YUM!   So...why do we need an extra boost???

  Just ask Carol!  Some of the last minute woven items that were finished up from last week needed to be tagged and added to the inventory.  There were also a bundle of scarves from Frieda's loom, as well as Linda's Steeplechase scarf that got finished just in time.  Anna brought her fantastic turned twill towels for the sale, too.  Tina and Marie went up and down the stairs pulling inventory from the shop to take to the Museum.  Of course, those items have to be inventoried, too!

 Carl and Karin spent the morning on their looms getting a little more weaving done.

  You can get a better look at Karin's towels here.  These will be ready for the Foothills sale in November.

  The Ladies stayed on task, too.  (I think they were on their phones earlier....but, I missed that shot!!!)  These scarves will be ready for the Foothills sale! 

 Irene got her items for Homecoming tagged, and she was ready to get some weaving done!

Meanwhile.....Molly is still threading her towel warp.  That's a picture of her towel on the loom bench:  this is going to be amazing!!!!

  The straw loom kits are ready for the kids tomorrow:   thank you, Pat!  I think we are ready!  Tomorrow is set up day....I'll get some pictures for you when we get done. 
Stay tuned...........


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