Thursday, October 13, 2016

Playing Catch-Up

  We had a successful show at Homecoming, and it's time to get caught up with the chores that were ignored for 4 days.  I admit that I did not want to talk to a soul on Monday....and I was rather quiet on Tuesday.  You might say that I was all talked out!!!!
  But, we all need to get ready for the Foothills show in November, so rest time might be over.  Carol has given me a challenge.....a lady had this purse at Homecoming, and my job is to recreate it.
  It converts to a backpack!  Cool design, right???
  Carol provided three different views, and I worked out a diagram that I'm playing with at the moment.  We'll see if I'm successful.

  I just so happen to have a placemat warp already on one of the Pups, so I thought I would use that to play with.  The example is woven with cloth strips, but I don't have any cut at the moment.  I thought this chunky yarn might work, but I'm really not liking the way it looks.  It might be time to get out the rag cutter.
  While I have it out, I need to cut more strips for the placemat warp at the Museum.  I timed that warp just right...the last six mats were supposed to be finished by Sunday evening.....but I ran out of weft!!!  I'd like to get that woven and cut off the loom.  It will be too chilly to weave out in the Loom House in just a few weeks.  I have about twelve inches to go.

Southern Weekends

  A few weeks back, the crew from Southern Weekends visited the Museum of Appalachia.  Molly spent some time with me in the Loom House.  I finally got to see the clip this morning on the news.

  Now....back to my challenge project!!!!
Happy Weaving!


Tina J said...

I agree about that yarn in the placemat warp, but there must be something that would be useful for! I really loved the video of you and Molly, it was very well done.

Rachel Berry said...

Love the video of you weaving! Nice to hear your lovely accent!