Thursday, October 27, 2016

Oh No, No, No!

  The last time I blogged, I mentioned that Carol had challenged me to make a purse like one she saw at Homecoming.  I had three photos to work from, and I got out my graph paper and worked it out using a 15 inch placemat warp that was already on one of my Pups.
  Sounds easy, huh?  NO!

  I kept careful notes as I worked....I had to keep in mind that the strips for the straps would need to be reinforced along the bottom edge.  I over estimated how long to make those strips--I allowed three yards each just to give me extra for take up in the braided area.  Now I know that two yards would be plenty!!!!
  The picture on the left is right before I wove in the small braided strip on the top edge.

   You can see the small braid in the middle, along with the loop for the button at the top of this picture.  But, here comes the rub....I'm not happy with any of these pockets for the bag.  I have been through my "pocket" collection several times, and these are the best bets!  NO!!!!

  I'm about to decide that there would NOT be a pocket on the outside at all....but, I can add two inside pockets for those of us who need them!

I think I'm about over this challenge, Carol!  It's time to move on to other weaving projects!  But, I will finish this........when I solve the pocket challenge!

  This isn't the clearest photo, but, those are BUDS on the tips of the cactus!  And, they are still outside on the porch!

  This crazy Fall weather that we're having means that we have not had our first frost yet.  It is getting in the upper 70s every day....and they are talking about temps in the low 80s this weekend!!!  It's FALL, folks! 
  Now, don't get me wrong....I do not like cold weather, but I do like having four seasons.  You can see that the tree in the background does not have a lot of color.  It's kinda hit or miss on the Fall color around these parts.  
  I'm sure I'll be going into a panic soon enough when the temps drop, and I'll need to bring plants inside in a hurry.  So, for now, I'm just going to enjoy these warm afternoons, and blow the leaves that are falling out of the driveway.

Happy Weaving!


Tina J said...

i like the medium color the best, but I am sure any of the three would work fine. I will probably put up a post on Saturday about our adventures tomorrow!

Theresa said...

You know, you could always weave some companion fabric or make a pocket from fabric stash. In any event, the bag is wonderful. :-)