Thursday, April 28, 2016

Warped and Ready

Yes....we're famous!!  These are two of the pictures on The Museum of Appalachia's Facebook page!  Tomorrow is Sheep Shearing Day, and they are expecting over 1,000 school students to attend in the morning.  (I feel tired just thinking about that!!!)  These pictures are from last year's event.

  Although I made my list  over a week ago, I just started today stacking up the things I'll need for tomorrow.  Here I have the table cover and two rugs.  (I don't want Karin setting her spinning wheel on the dew wet grass!!!)

  I had to weave off the warp that was on my SampleIt loom, and put the new warp on for tomorrow.  This loom is the perfect size to weave up some pot holders.  The warp is Peaches and Cream set at 7.5 epi.

  I thought I knew exactly what I wanted for weft with this warp, but, when I sampled, it was all wrong.  I think I'll go with this sheeting fabric that is left over from the placemats I made (I have a ton of this!!!!)

  The wee Inkle is loaded and, all I need is a good night's sleep!!!

Send us lots of good next week!

Happy Weaving (and shearing!)


Theresa said...

Good vibes heading your way! Have fun.

Harriet Gamble Hensley said...

good thoughts coming your way .......