Monday, April 18, 2016

In the Yard

There is weaving happening but I thought I'd post my annual show of my yard. Old azaleas are so awesome. These are the ones by the driveway, peak as of yesterday.
This is the massive bunch yesterday. It goes way over the driveway but we can't bring ourselves to cut them back. We've pulled them up to try to keep them off the ground but they keep growing.
Bunches of beautiful, big, white with a bit of pink, blossoms. Huge flowers.
Nestled on the other side of the bunch are these yellow flowers. Can't remember what they're called but Japanese something. They bloom each year, bringing some color to the white.
On the other side of the sidewalk are more azaleas. These may look puny but were transferred from the big bunch after branches had bricks placed on them. They root and after a couple of years we transplant them. There is a rooted branch that's ready to be transplanted soon. Give these a few years and they'll fill out like the other bunch.
Moneyplant. You never know where they'll pop up each year. Lots of purple ones this year. They come in white, too.
So, by the front door are more azaleas. Mostly white but one plant is red. We planted it in 1985 when my grandmother passed away, in her memory. Makes me think of her each year.
Trillium in lots of places, so Smokey Mountains.
Something I never realized before is that this set of azaleas is different from the other bunch. I always thought they were the same, big beautiful flowers but these don't have the bit of pink.
Upstairs, on the second floor we have a deck. I've got a window box out there and each year it's interesting to see what I can plant that the squirrels won't eat. Last year I tried lantana. Seemed to work out well. The one box, the plants didn't die. They're even already blooming. I love the color.
I thought I'd have to go to Stanley's and get some more for the other box but today I realized they're coming back in the other planter. How cool! They're supposed to be annuals. These plants don't know it. Two years ago I planted coleus in the boxes. Last year some came up from seeds that fell. Made for an interesting exhibit. I'm curious to see if they come back again this year.
I love seeing the plants come up each year and figuring out what to add to the collection, annuals for color.
We haven't brought out the plants from our little greenhouse yet. It's been a tad busy here.
This week I'm taking a couple of weaving/dyeing classes. It seems to take as long to get ready for he classes as taking them!! I'm looking forward to learning more stuff!!
Until next week, keep weaving!!


Theresa said...

Serious garden and shrub envy going on here......

Tina J said...

Breathtaking azaleas!

LA said...

Spring is amazing here in East Tennessee!!!