Monday, April 4, 2016


The last rugs are woven, hemmed, inventoried and stacked, ready to go!
These first four are the rest of that black warp, now hemmed and ready. I used more of the Reds that I had to finish these two.
Using a bit of green that I had produced a very cheerful rug.
The last of the blacks was more of a light teal, lighter and nicer than the photo shows. I took these pictures in the basement studio with just fluorescent light on them.
The last eight rugs are on a more neutral warp.
Mixing up the neutral balls of selvedges is kind of fun. I had a fair amount of almost neutral selvedge so I paired it with one ball of an accent color.
I think this one had only three different combinations of colors.
I didn't post a picture of the solid neutral rug. It's like one I posted a few weeks ago. I'd done three of them but found I had enough for one more.
Then added other balls of colors for a rug.
Adding silver grey to the combination worked out well.
Each rug looks a bit different. There's an orange fleck in a couple of the colors. Gives it a bit of color that, hopefully, someone 
will like.
The last rug had a nice cool color that made me smile. It's just waiting for someone with a neutral colored room to buy to give the room some magic. Ha!
Then we put the rest of the selvedges away for next time. Vacuumed up everything and I'm ready to wind a new warp today for a small order.
Friday my family drove down to Atlanta for the memorial service for my inlaws. Gerald and Jeannine Pritcher died within 4 days of each other. Actually, he died on a Saturday morning. She was told Monday afternoon and passed away on Wednesday morning. It was just the way you would have wanted them to go, together after being married 67 years.
The service was nice with memories, laughter and tears. The urns were nestled in circles of flowers, like a cottage garden. She loved riots of flowers and would have loved it. They would have been in the middle of all of it, talking and laughing with everyone there. Childhood friends reunited and stories were told, music at the reception was live with two guitarists playing the Chet style songs plus a fiddle came out for ashocken farewell from time to time. 
As sad as it is to know they're not here anymore, the memories and lessons learned from them remain.
So, it's time to head back down to the studio and get winding a new warp.
Until next time, weave on!

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Theresa said...

Totally in awe of all those rugs! Looked like a beautiful memorial, and everybody doing just what a memorial is for, remembering lives well lived.