Friday, April 22, 2016


Today Lou Ann and I will be heading to the Museum of Appalachia, to add a bit of realism to the truly charming landscape we have come to love.  The only problem is that it is raining cats and dogs as I type these words.  We will be inside the Peter's Cabin, but the kiddos will be dodging raindrops!  This is going to be interesting.

This week I finally got that stinkin Bread Cloth warp ready to weave, or so I thought.  I found a few crossed threads, and then I found this.

My laces are not lacing!  Evidently, I need to think twice before I try to switch up a 4 harness pattern to use all 6 harnesses.

I am this close to cutting this baby off and putting it into the circular file!  Really I am!  It is either that or just do plain weave with stripes.

I walked away and decided to put a Hollywood rug warp that I have had on hold thru a spare reed that I have.  I have been acquainting myself with one of the new to me blogs that appeared in our blog list.  It is called Re-New, and Julie mainly weaves rugs.

I  have gone thru all 5 years of posts in just a few days, and now I want a rug loom!  I had two of those a few years ago, but sent them to new homes in a mad dash to declutter my studio.  Sheesh, I think I'm out of my mind!

I do have 3 floor looms, but none of them are good for weaving rugs.  The 8 harness loom might really be heavy enough  to do it, but the brake slips on that one.  If I can't come up with one soon, I will give it a try.

Now to dash through the raindrops to load my stuff into the car.  Today probably won't be a good one for pictures, but I will see if I can get one or two.

Until next week, Happy Crafting, Tina


LA said...

Just ignore that mean ole warp for a wee bit....the solution will become clear! (Ask me how I know that!!!!) I'll keep my eyes and ears open for a rug loom.....

Theresa said...

Of all the things I have woven, rugs were my least favorite but then again, I didn't have a true rug loom either! Hope you find the perfect one!